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These are some of the artists who have either purchased a piano from Warfield Piano Company or, a piano has been provided for their performance by Warfield.

Benny Goodman
Bill Cosby
Eddie Murphy
Neil Diamond

John Denver

The Four Lads
The Four Aces
The Four Freshmen
The Commodores

Johnny Mathis

The Smothers Brothers
Lyle Lovett
Eric Comstock


Petula Clark
Michael Habermann
Audrey McCallum

Smoky Robinson

Alan Menkin
Roger Whittaker
Warren Zenon

Randy Newman

Aggi Rado
John Sebastian

Eric Conway (Baltimore
   Symphony Orchestra)

Stef Scaggiari

Ellis Larkins
Alan Clare
Brian Preston,
Robin Kissinger
Reynaldo Reyes
Charles Covington

Duke Thompson

Bob Fields
Richard Aitken
Capital Steps
Poulenc Trio
Francis Koerber
Gill Brungardt

Bill Powell

Cyrus Chestnut
David Parker (The Gideon
Kal Stewart-Kellogg

Melissa Manchester

David Stambler
Stevie Wonder
Leon Redbone
Paul Maillet

Doc Severinson

Doc Severenson
Bruce Eicher

Ernest Ragogini

The 5th Dimension
Bert Bacharach
Dione Warwick
Bill Messinger
James Harp
Sydney Lehman
Gerry Ascione
Jose Cueto

The Handel Choir
of Baltimore

The Glenn Miller Orchestra
The Pied Pipers
Bill Boublitz
The Concert Artists of Baltimore
The Concertante Chamber Players

The Peabody
Ragtime Ensemble

Keith Nichols
Mary Ann Evangilista
Andy Fields
Lou Rainone
David Witten
Harold Zabrack
The Preservation Hall Jazz Band
Ashford and Simpson

Mary Chapin

Nancy Roldan
Noel Lester
Clinton Adams
Bill Garrison
Richard Goode
Linda Eder

Michael Faircloth

Zim Zimerall Orchestra
Lester Lanin Band
Joan Spicnall (the Suzuki
School of Music)

Edward Polochick



The Johns Hopkins University
Baltimore County Public Schools
Harford Community College Harford
   County Public Schools
The College of Notre Dame

The Baltimore Opera Company
The Lyric Theater
The Mechanic Theater
The University of Montevallo
Pier Six Concert Series

Morgan State University
The Peabody Institute
The Candlelight concert Series
Loyola College
Oldfields School


The Baltimore County Music Teachers Association
The Baltimore Music Club
The Howard County Music Teachers Association.

Numerous churches and synagogues are valued customers as well.

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