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Hi. I am Phil Warfield...

...and when you come to visit Warfield Piano Company, I will be your personal representative ...each time and every time!

I do not think of myself as a salesman. I am simply one who is dedicated to providing homes, institutions, places of worship, concert halls, studios and conservatories with excellent pianos.

I have provided pianos for some of the finest performers in the world; both for public performance and for their homes. Many world class artists have made recordings in my studio. Warfield Piano Company is entirely ‘hands on’ and a single location enterprise. Every instrument represented receives the same attention as the ones used for performing and recording. My goal is to provide pianos that pianists will be delighted with. It is that standard which will allow others to fully realize the joy of owning a fine instrument in excellent playing condition. Experience gained in more than twenty five years of pursuing this ideal is my resource for being able to provide for you the finest piano in a realistic price range.

If you have never owned or do not play a piano, you owe it to yourself to make Warfield Pianos your first stop. I also invite you to listen to other pianos in other showrooms. I am betting Warfield Pianos will be your last stop! That is how confident I am that you will come back.

There are many things to consider before buying a piano. An instrument of good quality is an investment, and one which you can pass down for generations. How can you decide which piano is best for you? Give me a call and I can help you in the process of making that decision.

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"Quality is the Only Real Value"